Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity and Programming Feature as ICT Training Trends During Lockdown

Thousands of professionals use MeasureUp in digital skills training, with special emphasis on technologies that support remote working and digital transformation

Technologies related to Cloud Computing, cyber security and website programming, together with artificial intelligence and Big Data, are the focus of training trends in ICT skills for professionals during the lockdown caused by COVID-19.

This has been confirmed by MeasureUp, a world leader in practice tests and assessments for ICT sector certifications and official provider of large multinationals such as Microsoft or VMWare, which has recorded tens of thousands of visits to its website and thousands of training activities in the first weeks since the state of emergency was decreed.

In line with the trend observed in 2020, MeasureUp, a company belonging to Media Interactiva, organization from Andalusia, has seen a high demand for certification in digital skills in cloud-related technologies, and which has increased further by the need to work remotely.

In fact, titles related to Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Fundamentals, considered an entry-level package to Cloud Computing, have been the best sellers in this lockdown stage. Others include Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-300), Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-301) or Microsoft Azure Devops Solutions (AZ-400) and others from Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Certified Developer.

The need to work in cloud computing has also generated an increase in demand for cyber security certifications to protect organizations from cyber attacks during this lockdown. Thus, the exams most in demand at MeasureUp include CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst CySA+, CISSP or CompTIA Security.

Furthermore, another emerging trend in the demand for ICT training and certification detected by MeasureUp are HTML, C-Sharp and .NET technologies. In this case, demand is explained by the need to create websites for all types of businesses, including those whose operations used to be solely physical, in order to address their digital transformation and thus maintain their activity during lockdown.

Finally, an increasing trend detected during this period has been in the sales of practice tests in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, with the special importance in both cases of Microsoft technologies.

Users of these practice tests gain access to both online training and certification, since the vast majority of manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, AWS,  CompTIA, PMI or Oracle, offer the chance of taking the exam from a remote location, without having to wait for the official centers that have been temporarily closed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Professional profiles

Besides analyzing the technologies that have been the focus of demand, MeasureUp has analyzed the profiles that have participated in training activities during the COVID-19 crisis: around 60% are professionals between 25 and 44 years old, but 16% are also young people under 25 years old and an especially worthy 4.61% are users who are over 65 years old. As for gender, 75% of the professionals who have received training through the platform are men and the remaining 25% are women.

With respect to origin, people from the five continents have been trained. The top ten countries of origin of the professionals who have trained using the platform belonging to the Andalusian multinational are the United States (63.6%), followed by the United Kingdom (9.75%), Canada (3.95%), the Netherlands (3.76%), Germany (1.95%), France (1.91%), Australia (1.75%), Sweden (1.73%), Switzerland (1.68%) and New Zealand (0.89%).

MeasureUp has more than 200 titles, which make it easy for its customers to train remotely for certification exams with major technology companies. These include Microsoft, which uses MeasureUp as sole provider of practice tests, but also Amazon Web Services (AWS); Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, PMI, SCP or VMWare, among others.

MeasureUp titles are practice tests, i.e. training assessment tools in which students learn while assessing their skills. They can in addition be used in two ways: in certification mode, with very similar conditions to those in the exam, or in practice mode, with the possibility of reviewing explanations of the questions and focusing on those aspects that need reinforcement.


MeasureUp currently maintains the offer of a 30% discount off its titles with the purchase of three tests through its website, as a way of supporting professionals during the crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The aim of the Media Interactiva group, which offers these special conditions with the #TrainatHome slogan, is that these days anyone can improve their digital skills in the tools and solutions of the major technology companies from their own home.

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