OMNICOMMANDER Celebrates Signing of 500th Client & Launch of Website

OMNICOMMANDER, a Website Design, Marketing, and Cybersecurity firm that focuses on the credit union industry, announces they have signed their 500th client. In addition, they are launching the 7th version of their own website

OMNICOMMANDER has grown from a single owner-operator shop to employing nearly 100 COMMANDOs. Their headquarters is located in Miramar Beach, FL, and they have recently opened a flagship office in Brentwood, TN, and a cybersecurity office in Salt Lake City, UT.

Founder and CEO Eric Isham states, “I’m thrilled to announce that we have signed our 500th website client. To be completely honest, I was hoping that we could reach that milestone in conjunction with our 5-year anniversary back in January, but 500 clients in just over five years isn’t all that bad. The fact we have averaged 100 new clients per year since starting the business is a testament to our dedication to the credit union industry.”

OMNICOMMANDER’s new website, internally referred to as “Ohhseeseven,” is an ADA compliant, mobile-first design with intuitive navigation. As the World Wide Web embraces Web 3.0 concepts, it is imperative for OMNICOMMANDER to use its own website as the flagship for cutting-edge design features. The new website boasts the latest in high-resolution imagery, interactive 3D content, and advanced animations, just to name a few. The project is a true testament to the technical prowess of OMNICOMMANDER’s design team, attention to detail, and forward-thinking design mindset.

Isham states, “There is no doubt that our latest version of the website is by far some of our best work yet. As usual, this was a team effort. My original guidance was that this version should be evolutionary as opposed to revolutionary so that we could build on the already incredible existing website. The team accomplished exactly that and brought to life what I had envisioned as our digital office and a reflection of our physical offices.”

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