Zycus announces the global launch of its Merlin Experience Center

Zycus is set to present the global procurement & APIA leadership with a unique opportunity to experience Artificial Intelligence! The Merlin Experience Center will elevate your ‘experience’ by bringing the affluence of cutting-edge technology to your screens so you can start anytime and anywhere!

Zycus, the pioneer in Cognitive Procurement software today, announced the global launch of its’ first-of-a-kind Merlin Experience Center. Built with Zycus’ 20+ years of AI legacy, this experience center is here to give leaders a transformative real-time encounter with game-changing innovations brought in by the Merlin AI suite of solutions.

Initially launched to only a closed group in October 2021 during Zycus’ flagship global conclave for procurement & finance – Horizon 2021, the Merlin Experience Center received an overwhelming response of close to 450+ international visitors over three days.

This one-of-a-kind center illustrates how cognitive automation can aid in procurement business processes by simplifying standard tasks that can usher an organization’s focus towards more significant strategic activities & decision making. It offers users the flexibility to explore the robustness of AI coupled with a secure platform on the go. It is designed to derive actionable insights with data & documents specific to the users’ business process through authorized instantaneous inputs.

“The Merlin Experience Center was great. I liked that a lot. It is great how there are invoice examples & templates so you can see how the software works. I definitely will talk to my AP team next to see how we can use that in our process & strategically, we’ll see how my company wants to work with Cognitive Procurement & how to start that journey.” Eric Jack, Purchasing Manager, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

The Merlin Experience Center includes four of Zycus’ industry-proven, and analyst recognized AI solutions from the Merlin AI suite, namely:

  • Supplier Risk Radar: AI-led real-time 360 degree supplier risk monitoring & resilience
  • Invoice Reader: Flawless invoice metadata extraction reducing processing time by 60%
  • AP Smart Desk: Seamless AP email intent recognition & automated responses
  • Insta Review: Expeditious contractual risk identification & mitigation

If you are aware of cognitive computing but unable to comprehend its potential in procurement, here’s where you start. Try the Merlin Experience Center today!

Live it to believe it!

The Merlin Experience Center interface is embedded with briefs about each product and how-to-use tutorial videos, so you have a smooth start. It is a proven trial ground for you to experiment with the capabilities of Merlin in your business environment.

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