OpenBots Releases SaaS-Based Enterprise Cloud RPA Solution

OpenBots, the world’s most flexible enterprise-grade RPA platform, has announced the release of its SaaS-based, cloud-hosted RPA offering, OpenBots CloudServer.

OpenBots’ founders understand that RPA differs from most SaaS software in a unique way. When process execution is delegated to a bot, the bot interacts with applications used in the business process. For example, a billing process may need access to a financial accounting system. This means that the machine the bot runs on must have access to those applications being automated. Therein lies the biggest challenge with SaaS and Cloud RPA: it is nearly impossible for an RPA vendor to provide an organization with a machine that not only complies with internal security policies but also has applications and connectivity to an organization’s network in order to interface with those applications. (To understand more about how RPA works on the cloud, see OpenBots’ Demystifying RPA on the Cloud white paper.)

OpenBots eliminates the unnecessary jargon like “RPA as a Service” and far-fetching claims like “Cloud-first” in the world of RPA by offering organizations and developers a frictionless and straightforward experience; they remain the only vendor in the market actively democratizing RPA. The zero bot licensing and usage-based cloud orchestration make process automation accessible to all businesses. By offering the ability to build RPA bots without any licensing costs and run those bots on-premises, all in cloud, or hybrid mode using both OpenBots CloudServer and on-prem orchestration, OpenBots is revolutionizing the way businesses approach automation. The platform’s increasing popularity marks a welcome paradigm shift in the enterprise automation space, an industry traditionally dominated by pay-per-bot commercial products.

OpenBots’ new CloudServer is built on Cloud, making it a robust, scalable, and secure option. CloudServer’s orchestration features include scalable execution, shared file storage, queue management, a credentials vault, dashboards, and detailed logs of executed automations. The CloudServer also has the ability to manage on-prem agents and can seamlessly upload automation packages created in OpenBots Studio.

CloudServer’s usage-based model helps customers avoid the costs associated with paying per-bot or by the number of machines/users by charging per-minute use. “Almost all RPA Vendors charge you by the Bot and then charge additional usage-based Orchestration fees. With OpenBots, you can build unlimited Bots without any license fees, and you only pay for usage-based Cloud Orchestration when your digital worker is on the job, just like you would with any other employee,” said OpenBots CTO Ashish Nangla. “OpenBots not only enables organizations to build and scale enterprise automations but also allows managed services providers to build industry-led automation solutions and monetize them without worrying about underlying per-bot license costs. By removing the licensing fee, OpenBots has proven to be a reliable platform for building entire automation-led business models, not just one-off automations. The OpenBots platform is unique as it includes all the core RPA capabilities on-premises and on the cloud as well as offers its Documents and Discovery products to analyze and build automations with advanced Machine Learning and AI capabilities.”

With the release of OpenBots CloudServer, the company continues expanding its offerings to deliver users the most flexible enterprise RPA platform with high-grade automation deployment and management capabilities. Click here to start using OpenBots CloudServer now.

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