Pebblebee Debuts Found LTE Asset Tracker

Pebblebee completes integration with Polte to offer unparalleled power efficiency and location intelligence for consumer to enterprise IoT asset tracking.

Pebblebee, a trackables company, introduces the latest generation of Found devices Powered by Polte, the most accurate, global 4G/5G Massive IoT cellular location technology. Pebblebee’s rechargeable Found LTE uniquely enables ultra long-lasting battery life, low cost, and high precision for asset recovery by augmenting GPS and BLE positioning with Polte. This collaboration allows Found LTE devices to simply leverage existing cellular infrastructure and secure cloud computing to extend visibility indoors and outdoors, beyond the range of BLE and GPS, for consumers and enterprises alike.  To purchase the Found LTE and determine fit for your use case, visit Pebblebee at

“This completed integration of Polte equips the Found LTE with a single technology for the majority of customer indoor and outdoor positioning needs,” Daniel Daoura, Pebblebee Founder and CEO said. “By leaning on Polte’s cloud-based cellular location technology beyond where BLE can reach, rather than GPS, the device is able to significantly cut cost and power drain for a range of use cases including pet and general enterprise asset tracking.”

“We are thrilled to have witnessed first-hand the innovation and evolution of Pebblebee’s solution throughout our partnership,” Polte CEO Ed Chao said. “We look forward to how the contribution of our Massive IoT location technology to the Found LTE will further improve the end user’s experience, as well as enable a new set of location insights through maximized power efficiency and greater visibility.”

The Found LTE boasts a small, lightweight form factor, proven durable in a variety of environments with IPX7 water resistance. Based on user priorities, custom tracking modes provide options to increase frequency of location updates or stand by to preserve battery. For when the user is close to the device but unable to see it, the Found LTE’s integrated loud buzzer can be used as a guide for the rest of the way.

Adding Polte’s positioning capabilities via a simple API, customers forgo the expense and complexity of hardware, access points, or beacon deployments. Constructed with an “edge to cloud” architecture, Polte also offers heightened data security by offloading location computations to the cloud.

Pebblebee is currently shipping the Found LTE to thousands of preorder customers as they fulfill growing demand, with initial rollout in the US and Canada. Pebblebee plans to scale the product worldwide as well as add additional forms of off-grid communication.

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