Samsara Launches New App Marketplace Integrations

Samsara, the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, today announced four new integrations available on the Samsara App Marketplace as part of its continued strategy to provide customers with the benefit of real-time data for physical operations through its open API. Access to Samsara data within these third-party applications allows customers to tailor their user experience, break down data silos, and drive digital transformation. By integrating vehicle GPS, safety alert, and digital document data from Samsara with these existing systems, customers gain full visibility into their operations and increase efficiency as a result.

The Samsara App Marketplace features integrations with over 125 partners, all leveraging Samsara’s open API to streamline data sharing. There are now more than 6,000 organizations using API integrations on Samsara, and the average large customer with at least 1,000 devices is using more than four integrations.

Samsara’s API connects users’ most important third-party applications with Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform to unlock a more holistic view of their data in real-time. Today, Samsara customers can access four new integrations, now available on the App Marketplace. These integrations include:

  • Alert RentalSyncs routes with drivers, and arrival updates to dispatchers. Now, fleet rental organizations can gain full visibility into their assets and, as a result, improve billing accuracy.
  • CMS ClaraAutomatically shares GPS and safety alert data from Samsara in the Collision Management Systems (CMS) Clara platform. This helps customers manage safety risks and reduce claim costs across their fleet.
  • EKA Omni-TMS: Leverages full GPS, hours of service, and workflow integrations between Samsara and EKA Omni-TMS, a cloud-based transportation management system. Freight carriers can now work more productively by accessing digital documents and messages from Samsara’s Driver App in the Omni-TMS platform.
  • TruckIT: Analyzes truck activity and utilization by sharing vehicle location, diagnostics, and geofence data from Samsara. Customers can now leverage Samsara data as part of TruckIT’s dedicated platform and digitizing dispatching, project management, and e-ticketing for heavy construction contractors, helping gain efficiencies in the office and the field.

“As we continue to expand our ecosystem of software integrations, we’re excited to give our customers flexibility in where they gather their operational insights – whether it’s from Samsara or another third-party system they may already be using,” said Christopher Mozzocchi, director of OEM and ecosystem integrations at Samsara. “The integrations launched today on the Samsara App Marketplace are designed to give customers increased visibility into their most critical workflows in order to operate more efficiently.”

These new integrations, which span transportation management, maintenance, compliance and more, showcase Samsara’s ongoing commitment to expanding its ecosystem and making connected operations data more accessible and actionable for customers.

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