Quectel Wireless Solutions announces the EG800Q-NA

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT solutions provider, is pleased to announce the North America version of its ground-breaking LTE Cat 1 bis module, the EG800Q-NA, powered by the Qualcomm® QCX216 LTE IoT modem from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. With its remarkably small form factor, this ground-breaking module is poised to completely transform the IoT industry in the North American market as its wide range of versatile applications and unparalleled connectivity capabilities are set to redefine the landscape.

The module delivers a maximum downlink data rate of 10Mbps and an uplink rate of 5Mbps, critical for a variety of high-performing IoT applications including smart utility meters, asset trackers, e-mobility, parking meters, and home automation. The EG800Q-NA’s support of Cat 1 bis allows it to use a single antenna, balancing cost and performance and making the module an ideal solution for IoT terminals that are designed to be compact and cost-effective.

One of the standout features of the EG800Q-NA is its comprehensive support for North American bands, empowering businesses and developers to create IoT solutions that seamlessly communicate across diverse networks, ensuring a streamlined and efficient user experience. Certification is in process for the leading US operators, underscoring the module’s efficacy for the North American market and certification is underway for the FCC, IC, GCF and PTRCB.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the EG800Q-NA module to our customers in North America,” stated Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “As one of the pioneering modules built upon the Qualcomm QCX216 LTE IoT Modem, it perfectly caters to a wide range of mid-range applications and deployment scenarios where dependable and economical communication solutions are essential.”

The Quectel EG800Q-NA redefines compactness, measuring at an astonishingly small size of just 17.7mm x 15.8mm x 2.4mm. Its compact form factor, extensive network compatibility, and adaptable regional capabilities position it at the forefront of the industry. An array of robust Internet protocols and industry-standard interfaces including USB 2.0, UART, I2C, PCM, and USIM further enhance its versatility across various IoT applications like asset management, remotely managed access control (RMAC), and smart grid solutions. Notably, the module supports Dynamic Firmware Over-The-Air (DFOTA) functionality, enabling seamless automatic firmware updates, alongside Wi-Fi scan positioning technology.

In addition to its remarkable individual capabilities, the Quectel EG800Q-NA is part of a dynamic series of products that cater to multiple regions. The EG800Q series encompasses a range of modules, each tailored to meet the unique connectivity needs of various global markets.

In order to streamline customer designs, Quectel also offers an array of high-performance antennas that significantly amplify wireless connectivity. This empowers IoT developers to seamlessly bundle the EG800Q-NA module with Quectel antennas and leverage their pre-certification services, ultimately curtailing costs and expediting the time-to-market for their Cat 1 devices.

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