Robotics leader ECOVACS Launches DEEBOT, Spotlighting Its Tech

DEEBOT’s industry-leading technologies, TrueMapping and AIVI highlighted

Smart home robotics company and the number one robotic vacuum and floor mop since 2018*, ECOVACS, has launched a new micro-site to inform users of DEEBOT technology advancements, industry-leading innovation and commitment to transforming the robot vacuum market. Packed with information on the features and benefits that set DEEBOT robot vacuums apart from others, the new platform provides users with a one-stop-shop to learn, engage and better understand the technology that powers a more efficient clean.

The new website features educational resources for various DEEBOT advancements including:

Precision Mapping with TrueMapping – The micro-site spotlights TrueMapping, providing background and details on the most advanced laser-based LIDAR technology that guarantees precision mapping for a complete clean.

  • Technology that is found in self-driving cars and drones: While other robot vacuums rely on VSLAM for mapping, often resulting in missed or repeated areas, getting stuck on small objects, and an ineffective cleaning experience, DEEBOT’s TrueMapping uses a continuous 360-degree laser scanning to sense depth and create an accurate map of the floor in seconds.
  • Pioneering LIDAR: TrueMapping also includes a DToF laser sensor – the most advanced robotic vacuum LIDAR technology. Compared to other laser technologies, dToF performs with 2x greater range (from 5m to 10m), 4x greater accuracy (detects objects as small as 2mm) and performs better in bright and dark environments. TrueMapping is found in a variety of DEEBOT products, including the N8/N8+, T8/T8+ and T8 AIVI/T8 AIVI+, offering the most personalized and hands-off cleaning experience.

Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance – Highlighting DEEBOT’s innovation in developing technology that eliminates the need to clean before cleaning, the micro-site spotlights DEEBOT’s intelligent, obstacle avoidance technologies, AIVI and TrueDetect.

  • AIVI: Found in the DEEBOT T8 AIVI is a built-in camera that recognizes obstacles and intelligently determines how best to clean around them. The T8 AIVI recognizes common household objects, including socks, shoes, slippers, cables, cloths and clothes, small floor mats, U-shaped chairs and the charging dock, even providing notifications when an obstacle is encountered.
  • New AI processor: Advanced DEEBOTS have updated algorithms, a larger object library, 2x faster performance than the previous AIVI model and the ability to get smarter over time with updates.
  • Same technology as facial recognition: DEEBOT has also spearheaded the usage of 3D-structured light, the same technology used for facial recognition on phones, for advanced obstacle avoidance – even in the dark. TrueDetect uses distinct and separate systems for mapping and obstacle avoidance. It precisely scans for depth and distance to create a fast and accurate 3D image of space and objects, even down to the millimeter level. It can detect, avoid and clean around furniture and objects like shoes, cords and pet mess. DEEBOTs with TrueDetect – the N8 Pro/N8 Pro+ and the T8/T8+ – are 10X more accurate at obstacle avoidance than infrared technology.

Top-notch accessories that make cleaning even more hassle-free – With all-in-one vacuuming and mopping, known as OZMO, and new accessories like OZMO Pro and Auto-Empty Station, the micro-site outlines an easy way for consumers to upgrade their cleaning routine.

  • All-in-one vacuuming and mopping: As the first-to-market brand with vacuuming and mopping in-one-go, the micro-site also showcases ECOVACS OZMO mopping technology – now a standard feature in all DEEBOT products. ECOVACS pioneered this patented technology in 2017 to increase cleaning efficiency, free up time, and allow users to spend more time doing what they enjoy. DEEBOTS remove up to 99.26% of bacteria and clean more than 2,000 square feet all on one large 240 mL tank. That’s more than 10X the storage found in other brands.
  • OZMO Pro: Users get a unique oscillating mopping kit, vibrating 480 times per minute to scrub away and remove stubborn stains, with 2 mopping patterns and 4 different water flows.
  • Auto-Empty Station: DEEBOT owners get 30-plus days of hands-free cleaning by automatically emptying the N8 Pro+, holding up to one month’s worth of dirt, debris and pet hair. And, with voice alert on the ECOVACS app, users will be alerted when it’s time for a new bag.
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