Security Provider Deep Sentinel’s AI Stops Crime Using POE Cameras

Deep Sentinel, the only AI-powered security provider with live video monitoring by human guards, today released a new product line designed for businesses of any size and large residential homes: Deep Sentinel’s Power-over-Ethernet IP solution.

A pioneer in crime prevention, Deep Sentinel made a name for themselves after establishing their next generation physical security solution in 2019. The only system designed for proactive crime prevention, Deep Sentinel’s live guards are powered by Deep Sentinel’s proprietary AI and respond to suspicious behavior in seconds. By providing this constant proactive service, Deep Sentinel has scaled to stopping hundreds of crimes a week spanning from preventing break-ins at cannabis dispensaries to stopping construction theft and thwarting vandalism at convenience stores.

The new  PoE IP product line provides exceptional reliability & greater flexibility for larger-scale deployments. This new camera line is accompanied by their same award-winning AI-powered live guard surveillance, and are professionally installed by leading camera installers throughout the United States.

“Deep Sentinel is a tremendous security partner that encompasses everything. A very unique product and service (that our clients love!) and a partner program with attractive funding, great upside, and top-notch support.” —- Al Radi, Consolidated Security Industries

Deep Sentinel’s monitoring service is utilized in both residential and business settings to prevent break-ins, package theft, vandalism, and more. These new state-of-the-art PoE cameras use Deep Sentinel’s proprietary artificial intelligence to detect potential threats, alerting one of the company’s LiveSentinel™ guards to any suspicious activity. Guards then intervene through the system’s two-way audio and 100+ dB siren, and (if needed) contact local law enforcement within seconds.

Deep Sentinel has a false alarm rate of 0%. Deep Sentinel uses 2-way audio combined with highly-trained guards to verify the crime prior to contacting law enforcement, and when they call, police receive a detailed report of the suspects, the crime, their current location and the presence of any life-threatening weapons.

“False alarms from old-school alarm companies are the bane of policing. They waste police resources while these alarm companies force taxpayers to foot the bill. It’s basically a scam. Solutions like Deep Sentinel that verify crimes before contacting law enforcement are exactly what we need.”
Craig Steckler, Fremont, CA’s former Chief of Police.

Unlike traditional POE cameras, the Deep Sentinel service provides an opportunity for installers to build up a highly profitable, monthly recurring revenue stream from their clients. Deep Sentinel’s partner program is geared towards IT managed service providers (MSP’s), security integrators, and Audio-Visual installers that want to bring next-generation security to their clients. By including Deep Sentinel’s patented solution, Deep Sentinel partners can provide an exclusive opportunity to their prospects and clients not available anywhere else.

“The Deep Sentinel POE solution is simply groundbreaking. We have built on top of our award-winning AI-based back-end technology by adding a robust, scalable, wired solution. I literally can’t see why any business wanting true security would choose anything else.” says CEO & Co-Founder David Selinger. “We could not be more excited to expand our capabilities to protect people’s businesses, homes and loved-ones through this new product.”

Deep Sentinel’s Power-over-Ethernet product launches into general availability today after 6 months of live beta testing —with hundreds of crimes already prevented.

The new product line features superior color night-vision, ultra 4k & 8MP video resolution, and an advanced Nvidia GPU powered smart-hub that can support up to 20 PoE cameras at once. For more information on Deep Sentinel’s PoE IP product line, visit

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