Smart5: Five things you didn’t know you could do with SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer, a machine learning powered app from Microsoft Garage, revamps one of the oldest and most utilized mobile communication features—the SMS. Apart from simplicity, efficiency, and an improved UX, SMS Organizer brings to the table a spectrum of unique features that definitely sets it apart. While it started out as an app that could keep spam out of your inbox, here are five things you didn’t know you could do with SMS Organizer:

SMS Organizer picks up dates and time mentioned in your messages, prompts you to set a reminder for an upcoming task, and notifies you about your tasks as well. For instance, you’ll get notified about your due bills, your flights, and even your movie plans. Besides this, you can also set personalized reminders!

Smart account insights

SMS Organizer can extract information from text messages from your bank and e-wallet providers and offer smart insights to keep a track of your accounts. The app not only notes your deposits and withdrawals but can also protect your accounts from being viewed and accessed by strangers.

Automatic OTP detection and deletion

Remembering OTPs for online transactions can be a task. SMS Organizer simplifies this tedious process by autonomously detecting if the text message contains an OTP. Thereafter, the app gives you an option to copy the code directly from notifications and paste it seamlessly at the payment gateway. There is also another shortcut that will instantly delete your OTP messages once you’ve copied it.

Cloud integration for backups

With the cloud backup option on SMS Organizer, you can store your text messages easily. You can save your messages on a daily and weekly basis, or opt for manual backup as well.

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