Spot AI Gives Away Free, AI-Powered, NDAA-Compliant Cameras

U.S. Businesses Can Double Down on Safety and Security for Free

Video intelligence innovator Spot AI announced it will give free AI-powered, NDAA-compliant cameras to any U.S. business.

Due to security concerns, Section 889 of the NDAA for FY 2019 bans the U.S. government’s use of covered telecommunications equipment or services made by specified Chinese manufacturers. This has been released as an interim rule and is still being implemented. Any company doing business with a federal agency at any level, or bidding for a project using federal dollars – schools, public utility companies, state or city government contracts etc. – is prohibited from using any non-NDAA cameras.

With Spot AI, even businesses who are not legally obligated to use NDAA-compliant cameras now have the ability to seamlessly change hundreds of cameras across their entire organization for free, saving thousands of dollars and ensuring world-class camera software and world-class security. Abiding by NDAA guidelines is more important than ever as cybersecurity attacks continue to skyrocket.

“Fantastic products sell themselves. Spot AI is an easy plug-and-play device that works. Stunning web platform and easy navigation to reports, cases, and footage. Great job on providing a high-tech NVR with simplicity in mind,” said Louie Klenke, Technology Project Lead & Systems Specialist, YMCA of Greater Richmond.

“Safety and user privacy is of the utmost importance to us,” said Tanuj Thapliyal, Co-Founder & CEO of Spot AI. “At Spot AI, we want to make sure every person at any business is abiding by NDAA rules. We’ve made that easier than ever by focusing on perfecting our software, and giving away free cameras so businesses can spend time improving company-wide operations.”

Officially launched in October 2021, Spot AI provides every person in any business access to video intelligence, a tool that enables better decisions around security, workforce safety, and process efficiency. Leveraging cutting edge AI chip technology built into the platform, users can easily access, identify and mark important regions to become easily searchable from their phone, tablet or desktop. The cameras capture physical operations of the business, while Spot AI’s software enables users to interact, collaborate, and extract business insights from the video, resulting in directly improving operating procedures. Video streaming, networking, cloud, and AI technology are bundled into a simple experience.

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