ThroughPut Inc. Launches New AI-Powered Logistics Capabilities

The most advanced demand-driven Logistics Solution to rapidly prioritize and optimize Logistics Spend for amplified Top-line and Bottom-line Impacts

ThroughPut Inc., the Industrial AI Supply Chain pioneer, today announced several platform updates to its new high-impact Logistics and Distribution Module. These new capabilities will be highly instrumental in equipping Logistics and Fleet Managers with demand-driven, AI-based insights to rapidly spot where Operations are lagging, while easily exposing strategic and tactical Opportunities for improvement. The new Capabilities are specifically designed to help assess top-line and bottom-line Benefits associated with each Opportunity for better Prioritization, related to Logistics Spend and underlying Sales Improvement Potential.

The Logistics Industry has been hit by a massive Supply Chain Flux, with unanticipated yet predictable reverberations continuing to disrupt and proliferate across Global Trade Networks. Blockages of the Suez Canal, bottlenecks choking other Canals, port congestion and containers stuck at sea span from Los Angeles to Shanghai to Rotterdam to Jebel Ali, the downstream result of the COVID-19 pandemic has crippled logistics and distribution industries while choking both Demand and Supply Chains Networks. Container shipping companies carrying essential commodities have experienced large-scale disruptions due to unforeseen yet predictable surges in Demand for Retail Goods. This has resulted in ripples of ever-wider Logistical Bottlenecks impacting the Markets across the World that would otherwise have been largely avoidable with the right Supply Chain technological advances in place.

With recent challenges with Fleet Capacity, Container Availability, unpredictable Transit Times, and volatile Costs amidst rampant Ocean, Air, Road and Rail Distribution Bottlenecks, companies need Solutions that are not just resilient to sudden shocks but also more flexible, responsive and streamlined for the strongest, most adaptive end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility possible.

“Since 2017, has warned of the rampant Supply Chain inefficiencies leading to ever-greater risks of large-scale disruption events, offering our Supply Chain AI software and know-how as a hedge to prepare for. As a company, we consider it our responsibility to focus on solving the really big problems in how to rebuild supply chains to be self-sustaining, flexible and antifragile through all times, both good and bad,” explained Ali Raza, CEO of ThroughPut, Inc., adding, “The biggest problem right now for decentralized and fragmented Supply Chains is that bottlenecks create losing situations for many stakeholders, which further aggravate the Inventory Management problem. When bottlenecks create losses for such stakeholders, it prevents them from doing the right thing for their Suppliers and Customers. It’s time to take a step back, breath, and run System Diagnostics on Logistics & Distribution activities to understand what is exactly selling and what is predicted to sell in the future. By focusing on the right products and services to sell, and by timing the material flow better with, sanity can be restored across companies’ end-to-end Supply Chain Networks. Our software is designed to allow both suppliers and customers to work better as a team with your business, while delivering more products on-time and in-full, generating greater Profits for all, reducing conflicting behaviors that hurt rather than help, and enable more Sustainable Businesses with significant Competitive Advantage in their Marketplaces. Leveraging leading innovative Supply Chain technologies to most efficiently enable such change should be the winning strategy of every industrial business in the world right now and the governments that support such Sustainable Business Practices and Free and Fair Trade.”

ThroughPut Logistics & Distribution Solution Overview

ThroughPut enables logistics managers to instantly fine-tune core Logistics Strategies, to enhance real-time Decision Making related to issues like Availability, Costs, Inventories, Carriers, Vehicles and Personnel. With real-time, actionable Insights and executable Recommendations, companies can effortlessly support Shipping needs and reduce Breakdowns while cutting unnecessary Fuel Spend and unplanned Maintenance Costs.

Key Updates in ThroughPut’s Supply Chain AI Logistics & Distribution Module include:

1. SKU-Driven Holistic Logistics Flow for Accurate Real-Time Decision Making 

  • Connect the Sales Flow Volumes from multiple perspectives to map the end-to-end Material Flow and optimize Performance of the Logistics Value Chain
  • Quickly prioritize items based on Logistics Costs, lost Sales Opportunities, and much more

2. Instant Comparison of Multiple Review Period Volumes  

  • A comprehensive view to assimilate all the Shipments from Supplier-to-DC, DC-to-DC, DC-to-Store, and Store-to-Customer, including Final Sales
  • Easily analyze Flow and Material Movement by Route and Shipment Type of received, delivered and sold Aggregate Volumes

3. Actionable Insights and Executable Recommendations on Operational Gaps

  • Rapidly identify and fix the spots where Operations are lagging significantly
  • Expose tactical Opportunities for improvement of Processes along with in-depth Assessment of Bottomline Benefits associated with each Opportunity for better prioritization
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