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TryMyUI, a global leader in user experience testing, announced that it has acquired, a session replay and comprehensive web analytics tool. This new acquisition will allow TryMyUI to create the first-ever product for maximizing product-led growth. Together, the companies will provide an end-to-end digital experience solution to help businesses drive online revenue.

With the integration of TryMyUI and Stitchology, customers will be able to combine qualitative and quantitative insights to eliminate blind spots about key user flows, identify obstacles to conversion, and seamlessly iterate to continually track performance improvements in their digital experience.

Stitchology co-founders, Shruti Goli and Karthik Ravi, will join TryMyUI’s leadership team as Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. Goli and Ravi have backgrounds working at Microsoft and Facebook prior to building Stitchology. Their experiences will prove invaluable as the two products build towards a shared future vision of creating better user experiences.

Ritvij Gautam, CEO and co-founder of TryMyUI, says, “There is a noticeable gap between how companies gather user feedback and what it tells them about the revenue their products generate. I am excited about the Stitchology acquisition because it enables product teams to clearly see how the product and design changes they are making influence the user experience at the granular level. This in turn will enable product teams to understand exactly how product changes impact revenue which is the holy grail of product-led growth.”

The acquisition will tie the knot between all the threads of data and tools being used by various teams across businesses today. In doing so, it will serve as a powerful platform for product, marketing, and customer success teams to uncover hidden user behaviors, optimize their key user flows, and make smarter roadmap decisions to drive growth. Ultimately, this will create a holistic product-led growth tool for understanding and tracking digital experiences.

Together, TryMyUI and Stitchology generate millions of data points about user behaviors and web and mobile micro-interactions for customers to analyze.

Shruti Goli, CEO and co-founder of Stitchology, says, “I couldn’t be happier to join forces with TryMyUI. The synergy of TryMyUI and Stitchology together is unparalleled. I truly believe that combining these two products will unlock user experience insights that simply aren’t accessible to most product professionals today. Looking through the lens of these products together will present an unprecedented way to view and track how your customers are interacting with your websites. I look forward to being part of the vision that takes product-led growth to the next level.”

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