TXOne Networks wins SC Awards Europe 2023

Industrial customers can safeguard critical infrastructures with TXOne Networks’ award-winning OT Zero Trust approach

TXOne Networks, a leader of industrial cybersecurity, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the prestigious SC Awards Europe 2023, which are run by key cybersecurity publishing house SC Media. The SC Awards Europe recognize and reward products and services that defeat imminent threats and cyber-security attacks, stand out from the crowd and exceed customer expectations. TXOnes’ innovative OT Zero Trust concept was awarded in the category “Newcomer of the Year.” Now since more and more people are aware of the importance of cybersecurity in OT, the next challenge for companies is to move in that direction without impacting their day-to-day missions. TXOne accompanies and supports them in this.

“The quantity and quality of cyber-attacks on critical infrastructures continues to increase, and cyber-defense must keep pace. TXOne again proved that we offer the comprehensive OT-native solutions needed to do so. We are delighted to have been awarded Newcomer of the Year, but even more delighted to have won again after last year’s successful awards, further establishing us as one of the top players in OT cybersecurity,” said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks. “With our OT Zero Trust approach, specifically tailored for the industrial world, TXOne safeguards the business and its operations and keeps them running even when there is a potential incident.”

The OT Zero Trust concept

TXOne believes that legacy systems are critical to keep the operation running. In this case, all of the company’s products are designed to accommodate the special needs of OT, with minimum system footprints to fit in the OT environments where most computing power are reserved to the operation. True to the Motto “Never trust – always verify” TXOne’s OT Zero Trust methodology establishes a comprehensive framework in which every device is safeguarded by at least one security countermeasure throughout its entire life cycle. This includes rigorous pre-service inspections, endpoint protection, and robust network defenses.

With this OT Zero Trust concept, TXOne offers complete solutions consisting of supply chain security, anti-malware for endpoints, and industrial network protection. The company is keen to protect critical assets across multiple OT verticals in their entire life cycle, modern as well as legacy ones, with multi-layered measures.

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