Unrivaled Threat Intelligence and Protection Comes to APAC

Flashpoint, the globally trusted leader in actionable threat intelligence, today announces a partnership with the Australian threat intelligence services provider Cybermerc. The partnership features a joint solution making Flashpoint’s advanced threat intelligence available in Cybermerc service offerings and acts as a valuable enrichment source fused into Cybermerc Aushield Defend—Australia’s chosen national threat investigation and sharing platform.

“With the deluge of large-scale, damaging ransomware attacks in recent months, coupled with the ongoing global pandemic in COVID-19 and a host of other physical and cyber threats targeting organisations, security teams now more than ever need better, continuous visibility into their external threat environment,” says Paul Farley, Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan at Flashpoint. “With this partnership in place, we will be providing the necessary analytics, automation, and expertise to allow for rapid response and remediation of new cyberattacks as they unfold, unlocking tremendous value for joint customers to support their security operations and protect their organisations.”

The recipient of two rounds of federal funding through the AustCyber Projects Fund, Aushield Defend brings government, business, and industry together to share intelligence with superior information on the latest attacks, key risks, and indicators of compromise (IoCs) that proactively protects everyone against cyber threats.

Equipped with joint solutions from Flashpoint and Cybermerc, security teams gain the deep, actionable threat intelligence and protection capabilities that they need to rapidly and effectively identify, investigate, and mitigate external threats. Moreover, the enhanced threat intelligence solution enables security leaders to make critical security decisions with unparalleled context to keep their organisations secure and ahead of sophisticated threats.

“The partnership between Cybermerc and Flashpoint is critical and one that our customers depend on every day,” says Andrew Slater, Director of Aushield for Cybermerc. “We leverage Flashpoint’s vast data collections from sources such as forums, chat sites, and marketplaces to help defend our clients. With the direct integration of Flashpoint data into the Aushield Defend solution, Cybermerc is able to provide unique context and insight into cyberattacks that affect our customers and protect them through automated and human intelligence-led threat hunting.”

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