Bitdefender Integrates MSP Security Suite With Datto RMM

MSPs using Datto RMM can now automate installation of Bitdefender security on customers' devices
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Bitdefender, a global cybersecurity leader protecting over 500 million systems in 150 countries, today announced the integration of Bitdefender’s GravityZone MSP security suite with Datto RMM, an intuitive and scalable cloud remote monitoring and management solution for Managed Service Providers.

This integration, available now, lets MSPs using Datto RMM to automate and accelerate installation of Bitdefender AV, antimalware and advanced endpoint layers through a unified OS-agnostic kit.

With minimal configuration effort, MSPs can install on customers’ devices essential security layers such as antimalware, content control, email security and patch management, as well as advanced technologies such as tunable machine learning, sandbox and EDR. Bitdefender’s comprehensive layered security lets MSPs prevent, detect and respond to new types of ransomware, unknown threats,  fileless attacks, and even stop targeted attacks.

The new integration between Datto RMM and Bitdefender enables MSPs to autodetect the OS type, whether Windows, Mac or Linux, then to automatically deploy the Bitdefender agent from a single component. It also allows them to monitor the installation status and update status.

“Our MSP partners told us they need a reliable, proven security solution that matches their business model and integrates with their daily routines and workflows,” said Alina Draganescu, Senior Director of Security for MSPs and SMBs for Bitdefender. “So we built the integration with Datto RMM which uses a unified, agnostic installation kit that works across multiple operating systems. Saving time through automatic deployment and relying on the software to do the work for you is important when you have diverse infrastructures with systems running on Windows, Linux or Mac.”

“With this integration, our MSP partners using Datto RMM are now able to quickly deploy the Bitdefender Cloud Security agent and view the security status of an endpoint from within their Datto RMM interface, eliminating the need to transition from platform to platform,” said Aaron Dun, VP of product and growth marketing at Datto. “We’re dedicated to ensuring our MSP partners have seamless integrations with the products they use every day to create efficiencies, and we welcome Bitdefender to our Datto Developer Program.”

Key benefits of integration for MSPs using Bitdefender and Datto RMM:

     Simplified and automated deployment: Automatically install Bitdefender protection on new endpoints managed by Datto RMM.

     Streamlined installation and configuration: A single Bitdefender component autodetects the OS, and installs on Windows, Mac, Linux with minimum configuration needed.

     Support for advanced security layers: MSPs can deploy a comprehensive set of security layers, including tunable machine learning, Sandbox, and EDR.

     Easy-to-use proven Bitdefender protection: It’s now easier for MSPs to protect customers against new ransomware and advanced attacks with Bitdefender security, which consistently leads independent tests for protection.

The new integration between Datto and Bitdefender enables MSPs to first autodetect the OS type Windows, Mac and Linux and then to automate deployment of Bitdefender agent from one single component. It also allows them to monitor installation status and update status.

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