TokenEx secures patent for processor-agnostic tokenization gateway

Transparent Gateway offers maximum security, flexibility and scope reduction
TokenEx secures patent for processor-agnostic tokenization gateway

TokenEx is excited to announce it has been awarded a patent for its innovative, industry-leading Transparent Gateway solution.

The Transparent Gateway enables TokenEx customers to share the sensitive data they’ve tokenized, such as a credit card primary account number (PAN), with any third-party payment service providers (PSPs) or other desired endpoints. This functionality maintains the utility of devalued and tokenized data while securely desensitizing it and removing it from an organization’s environment, making the Transparent Gateway a cornerstone of the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform.

“We are both proud and excited to be on the forefront of the payments and data-security industries, and the Transparent Gateway is just one example of the types of innovative technologies that got us here,” TokenEx Co-Founder and CEO Alex Pezold said. “We are committed to the continual development of new solutions that will enhance the security as well as the business utility of sensitive data for our customers around the world.”

Customers using the TokenEx Transparent Gateway can continue to utilize any third-party API endpoint, such as a payment processor, with a few minor changes to the HTTP request. By simply including additional HTTP authentication headers and the intended URL, and a locator for the token within the body of the payload, the TokenEx Transparent Gateway service replaces the sensitive data for the token and then forwards the message to the third-party endpoint, returning the response in the same format. Similarly, sensitive data included in an API response can be tokenized before reaching the customer’s endpoint.

With the TokenEx Transparent Gateway, customers benefit from a universal tokenization solution and are no longer locked-in to a single payment processor’s tokenization solution. Using the Transparent Gateway allows customers to choose among the many payment processors to shop for the best rates, programs, incentives, and service levels for their organizations. In the event that a payment processor becomes unavailable, the Transparent Gateway can enable the customer to design a failover solution, routing API requests to a different endpoint while maintaining the same universal tokenization solution.

Additionally, the Transparent Gateway gives customers the ability to send tokenized data to third parties without reintroducing any PCI compliance scope. It also supports encryption or hashing of sensitive data for API endpoints that require these additional processing functions.

For more information, visit or contact directly with any questions about the company, its platform or how familiarity with tokenization can help organizations and their customers.

About TokenEx
TokenEx offers unlimited flexibility in how organizations secure, store and access their sensitive data – all while remaining vendor-agnostic. The highly secure, cloud-computing data-protection platform has grown rapidly, becoming the choice tokenization and pseudonymization vendor for data protection. TokenEx can secure and desensitize any data set, helping its customers comply with industry and international regulations. Additional information is available at


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