YITU Technology wins Super AI Leader Award at World Artificial Intelligence Conference

YITU Technology wins Super AI Leader Award at World Artificial Intelligence Conference

YITU Technology has won the Super AI Leader award (SAIL Award) among over 500 nominated companies and organizations around the globe at World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai.

The SAIL Award is bestowed to YITU for its innovation in the industry. This “Oscar award of AI” in China only awards the top AI projects and is inspiring more participation and engagement in AI to boost the economy as a benchmark in the industry.

The awarded project, YITU Intelligent Face Platform, is one example of YITU’s capability to apply cutting-edge AI technology to business scenarios where top-notch algorithms and deep understanding about the industries are required.

YITU has a significant advantage in the field of facial recognition, thanks to its world-class algorithms. It has won first place for two consecutive years in the Face Recognition Vendor Test organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology othe U.S. government. YITU ranked in first place by achieving almost 99 percent accuracy, with a false match rate under one in ten million (based on 10 billion samples). The algorithms are widely used in urban safety, healthcare, financial services and retail.

YITU’s strong performance has made significant contributions to Shanghai as a leader in AI development.

The company also demonstrates its huge potential to bring the China’s AI solutions to the world and benefit human kind to build a better, healthier and more convenient world.

The awards are voted by the judges to praise those outstanding AI projects that make technology breakthroughs as well as are changing or about to change the way people live in the future.

The team of judges includes academic experts from prestigious organizations such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and industry leaders from big companies including Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and others. Also, investors focusing on AI from Sequoia and IDG participated in assessing the nominations.

Amazon, Tsinghua University and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have also won the awards as AI leaders in the industries.

About YITU Technology

YITU Technology is a pioneer in practical artificial intelligence research and innovation that provides advanced AI-based business solutions to build a safer, better and healthier world. YITU owns a world-class R&D team that drives industrial development to find comprehensive solutions in the areas of machine vision, speech and language understanding.


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